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As the AKC Parent Club for the breed, the Spanish Water Dog Club of America, Inc. is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Spanish Water Dog. The Club's goal is to provide education and support to fanciers and breeders in order to maintain the structure and natural working abilities of the breed.


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The SWDCA will be participating in a couple of shows, including a supported entry and a judges' seminar in June. Please join us! Follow the link for more specifics.
Spanish Water Dog approved for full recognition in the Herding Group as of January 1, 2015.

Please read this VERY informative page on what to watch for when thinking of buying a SWD. Better be prepared!



Welcome to the Spanish Water Dog Club of America (Fomerly, The SWD Club, Inc.)

In April 2011, the American Kennel Club (AKC) selected the Spanish Water Dog Club, Inc. as Parent Club for the breed as it progresses towards the Miscellaneous Class and full registration status. In addition, in October of 2011, the AKC informed the Club that breed had been designated to be in the Herding Group.

Since its inception in 2004 and its recognition by the Foundation Stock Service in 2005, the SWD Club's membership has actively grown its efforts for the breed. In 2010, the UKC-affiliated Spanish Water Dog Association of America merged with the SWD Club, expanding the SWD Club's community. In October 2013, the SWD Club changed its name to The Spanish Water Dog Club of America, Inc. as one of the requirements for full AKC recognition. It is incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania. The SWDCA extends a membership invitation to all Spanish Water Dog fanciers with the goals of forming a strong National Breed Club and improving the breed.

Please feel free to browse our  website.  If there is something you cannot find, please contact one of the SWDCA's Board members and let us know so we can assist you in finding the information you need.


**Note: This Club, the SWDCA, has no relationship/affiliation with the SWDCA which was dissolved in 2011 in the State of New Jersey

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