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Rescue Program

The goal of the Spanish Water Dog Club of American's (SWDCA)  Rescue Committee is to assist in the placement of displaced Spanish Water Dogs (SWD) and to promote proper responsibilty of breeders in re-homing displaced dogs which were bred or sold by them.

A SWD owner who is unable to care for or continue responsibility for their SWD should first seek the assistance of the breeder that sold them the dog. The Breeder has the primary responsibility for re-homing dogs. It is primarily the owners responsibilty to contact their breeder for assistance. If the breeder is unwilling to assist in re-homing the dog, then the owner may apply for assistance from the SWDCA's Rescue Program.  The Rescue Program will ask the owner to sign a waiver stating that the breeder cannot or will not take the dog back.  If the breeder is from another country or it is impossible to return the dog, then the SWDCA's Rescue Committee will offer assistance.

If the dog is in a shelter, the SWDCA Rescue Program will attempt to identify the SWD and provide foster care within our organization until a suitable home is found.  If the breeder can be identified, then the dog will become the responsibility of the breeder.

A SWD entering the SWDCA's Rescue Program is first placed in a foster home for a probationary period to determine the dog's temperament and to gather information which will help us place the rescue in an appropriate home.  Persons desiring to adopt a SWD from the SWDCA's Rescue Program must complete an application and pass a screening interview with one of the members of the Rescue Program.

If you have a SWD you would like to enter into the SWDCA's Rescue Program or have any questions about the SWDCA's Rescue Program, please contact Lynn Ward if you reside on the East section of the U.S. at swdca.rescueeast@gmail.com, or if you reside in the Midwest and West of the U.S. at swdca.rescuewest@gmail.com.

Members of the Rescue committee are: Lynn Ward, Chair; Sheryl Gaines, Henry House, and David and Felicia Feldman.

If you are interested in adopting a rescue, please click HERE and complete the corresponding Adoption Application.  Please return the completed application to the respective rescue committee members as noted in the previous paragraph and in accordance with the application instructions.

Health and Wellness Committee

The Health and Wellness Commmittee has several objectives that works on on behalf of the overall health of the SWDs

Health and Wellness Mission Statement

1. To act as liaison to OFA and CHIC

2. To approve club supported health studies.

3. To endorse or commission health and genetics studies for the SWDCA

4. To recommend allocation of CHF monies for specific studies.

5. To develop a health survey in conjunction with OFA

6. To develop and execute DNA collections and studies

7. To educate members regarding any health issue that is of concern to the breed

8. To help sponsor health clinics throughout the United States

The Health and Wellness Committee is headed by Colleen Nolan. Please contact swdca.healthcommittee@gmail.com if you have any inquiries or concerns about the health of your SWD.

Members of the Health and Wellness committee are Colleen Nolan chair; Dane Hardin, Lisa Harper,  and Raimo Tuomela.

Judges' Education Committee

The Judges' Education Committee has developed materials and presentations to use in training and education activities for judges so they can become well versed and knowledgeable about the breed.

The Judges' Committee is coordinated by Lisa Harper, please contact her at ariosaswds@gmail.com if you would like to request a presentation or briefing on the breed.

Specialty Committee

The Specialty Committee plans, organizes and coordinates activities around events for the Club, mainly the Specialty. The Specialty is a get-together of Club members who join the event to share knowledge and activities with other members during a weekend. The aim is to hold an annual specialty, hopefully around the country, to benefit all Club members.

Members of the Specialty Committee include Nancy Valley, chair, Sheryl Gaines, Colleen Nolan, Andrea Paskiewicz, and Sarah Spinler. Please contact Nancy Valley at swdcatreasurer@gmail.com if you would like information about the committee or the specialty.

Activities Coaches Connection Committee (ACCC)

A resource for members and interested parties for activities such as agitly, breeding, herding, dock diving, conformation, fly ball, obedience, rally and any other activities.  Please contact Sarah Spinler at swdca.vicepresident@gmail.com

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