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AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

The Spanish Water Dog Club of America (SWDCA) provided a Judges' Education Seminar at the Eukanuba event in 2011. On Thursday, Dec. 15, Lisa Harper, AKC Liaison, presented to a group of approximately 40 judges about the Spanish Water Dog. Her presentation included the standard of the breedas well as videos about Spanish Water Dogs herding abilities. Lisa was joined by SWDCA members Vickie Miller (with Isabella and Vaquera), Robin Birney (with Nero, Mora/Curly), and Misty Elmore (with Sábado). Jeff Abel and Tipo joined them later as well since they attended the event to compete in Agility.

Spanish Water Dogs in Manhattan

The SWDCA joined approximately 200 other breeds of dogs and cats at the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Meet the Breeds event held at the Javits Center in New York City (NYC) on November 19th and 20th, 2011.

AKC Meet the Breeds is a wonderfully interactive opportunity for dog and cat lovers to explore different breeds. In addition to the diversity of dogs and cats on display, there were many vendors and demonstrations.  Some guests came for a day of fun while others did some serious “breed shopping”.

East coast SWD Club members Nancy Valley (with Carmen), Andrea Valley (with Nisporo), Sheryl Gaines (with Rancho) and Jackie Nazzaro (with Rosa and Frisco) made their way to NYC on Friday night to set up the club booth. Joining the team on Saturday morning were Felicia and David Feldman (with Nocci) and Jordi Waggoner (with Sienna). There was a bit of a changing of the guard on Sunday when Nancy, Andrea, and Jackie returned with their SWDs and were later joined by Lisa Harper (with Ave and Maya).

The SWDCA booth welcomed a steady flow of visitors all day on Saturday and Sunday. Our SWDs were gracious hosts!  They were scratched, patted, and photographed by young and old alike. They gave paw and kisses. They were playful and affectionate. All in all, our SWDs stole the hearts of many and were fabulous ambassadors for the breed.

The most frequently asked questions of the weekend were:

  • Is this what they have in the White House?
  • What is the difference between a Portuguese Water Dog and a Spanish Water Dog?
  • Are they related to the Poodle?
  • Is this coat hard to maintain?
  • Do they like to swim?
  • Do they need a lot of exercise?
  • Do they make good family pets?

Whew!  By the end of the day on Sunday all were exhausted!

Special thanks and congratulations to Nancy Valley for designing our Spanish Water Dog Club of America booth which won a 4th place ribbon in the Miscellaneous Group!!


2011 National Specialty Results

August 26-28, 2011

Holland, MA

Conformation Results: (Dr. Thomas Davies, judge)

    Best in Show: Casa de Rancho’s Mona

    Reserve Best in Show: Weber’s Encanta de Ariosa

    Best Veteran: Rancholunac de Ubrique

    Best Altered: Casa de Rancho’s Dobbi

    Best Puppy: Ariosa Francisco RRey de Bostón

Herding Results: (Colleen Cody, instructor)

  1. Beloved Pretty in Pink de Ariosa
  2. Casa de Rancho’s Dobbi
  3. Tucker Cordero

Agility Results:(timed)

  1. Avefaro Galleta de Ariosa
  2. Beloved Pretty in Pink de Ariosa
  3. Avefaro Dama Danielle de Ariosa

Water Work: (Kris Cofeill)  Cancelled due to incoming hurricane Irene.

2011 Super Dog:  Beloved Pretty In Pink de Ariosa


2010 SWD Club/SWDAA National Specialty Results

August 6-8, 2010

Portland, CT

Conformation Results:
  1. Avefaro Galleta de Ariosa “Cookie” (Best of Breed)
  2. Ashley Four Koke de Montana “Luca Brasi” (Best of Opposite)
  3. Orange Blossom's Admiral “Tipo” (Best Altered)
Herding Results:
  1. Brasenia Concurrito Chasin Ewe “Chase”
  2. Euro de la Petaca “Oso”
  3. Leonrogeb de Ubrique “Marco”
  4. Orange Blossom's Admiral “Tipo”
Agility Results:
  1. Brasenia Concurrito Chasin Ewe “Chase” (Advanced)
  2. Leonrogeb de Ubrique “Marco” (Advanced)
  3. Beloved Pretty In Pink de Ariosa “Pink” (Advanced)
  4. Rosa de Tejas “Rosa” (Beginner)
  5. Fundy Bay's Annapolisa “Tica” (Beginner)
  6. Gordomoraf de Ubrique “Stella” (Beginner)
Water Work Results:
  1. Avefaro Galleta de Ariosa “Cookie”
  2. Brasenia Concurrito Chasin Ewe “Chase”
  3. Leonrogeb de Ubrique “Marco”
2010 Super Dog:Brasenia Concurrito Chasin Ewe “Chase”

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