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Rescue (Foster & Adoption)

The goal of the SWD Club of America's (SWDCA) Rescue Committee is to assist in the placement of displaced Spanish Water Dogs (SWD) and to promote proper responsibilty of breeders in re-homing displaced dogs which were bred or sold by them.

A SWD owner who is unable to care for or continue responsibility for their SWD should first seek the assistance of the breeder that sold them the dog. The Breeder has the primary responsibility for re-homing dogs. If the breeder is unwilling to assist in re-homing the dog, then the owner may apply for assistance from the SWDCA's Rescue Committee.

SWDs entering the SWDCA's rescue program are first placed in foster homes for a probationary period to determine the dogs temperament and to gather information which will help us in placing the rescue in an appropriate home.

Click here if you are interested in being a foster home to fill out the application form.

Anyone interested in adopting a SWD needs to be aware that often times the reason the dog is turned in to rescue is because it has been difficult for its owner to manage the dog's strong natural protective instincts. Persons desiring to adopt a SWD from the SWDCA's rescue program must complete an application and pass a screening interview with one of the members of the Rescue Committee.

If you have a SWD you would like to enter into the SWDCA's Rescue Program or have any questions about the SWDCA's Rescue Program, please contact Lynn Ward if you reside on the East, Mid-Atlantic or South areas of the U.S. at swdca.rescueeast@gmail.com, or if you reside in the Midwest and West of the U.S. at swdca.rescuewest@gmail.com.

If you are interested in adopting a rescue, please complete the Adoption Application.

Click Here for East, Mid-Atlantic and South Application

Click Here for Midwest and West Application

SHELTERS AND RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS: If you are a shelter or other rescue organization who needs assistance in identifying if a dog surrendered to you might be a SWD, please click here to review our breed id flyer that will help you in the process. If you make a postive id, please contact one of our Rescue representatives at the emails provided in the flyer and above.

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