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Agility as a sport is all the rage across the globe. The SWD, a naturally athletic and attentive herding dog, is a shoe-in for this sport. The SWD is a medium-sized dog with enormous speed, jumping- and turning ability. Herding-dog instincts and drive make this breed extremely sensitive to body pressure and an excellent team competitor.

The first Spanish Water Dog to title in Agility in the United States is ARBA Ch. Orange Blossom's Admiral ("Tipo"). The first SWD to title in AKC agility (eligible January 1, 2008) was Ch. Beloved Pretty in Pink de Ariosa. Tipo finished his novice AKC titles a couple of weekends afterwards, and quickly shot up through the Excellent ranks. In 2011 Tipo reached MACH level.

Spanish Water Dogs have been active competitors in agility in Europe for many years.

SWDs are known to their owners for their SPRING! Able jumpers, this breed combines drive, rapt attention, and joyous athleticism.

US Agility Clubs

Agility clubs may all look alike to the novice, but each has its own rules. Some have uniquely built equipment, such as NADAC's lower, slat-less A-frame. Some award "Q's" (qualifying scores) to dogs that make time but have equipment faults, while others require perfectly clean runs. Check out each agility club's rules, equipment and regulations at their links below:

AKC (American Kennel Club)

The SWDCA is working towards recognition of the SWD as a pure-breed in the United States.


CPE is a relatively new agility club which is growing in popularity. Dogs of any breeding may compete in CPE events. There are several more levels of competition than in other venues, so newbies don't feel like they've been thrown to the wolves at their first trials.

NADAC (North American Dog Agility Club)

NADAC is open to dogs of all breeding, pure-breed and mixed-breed alike. Some of the equipment and rules are different for this club, so be sure to read the rules before competing. Also, the number of runs are limited in NADAC events, so if you are planning on competing, get your premium in early!

UKC (United Kennel Club)

UKC events are open to dogs of all breeding. UKC has some pieces of equipment that are built differently than in other venues. As with all venues, be sure to read the rules and familiarize your dog with the equipment before competing.

USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association)

Known for slightly higher jump heights, USDAA is an extremely popular venue for agility. The number of runs is determined by how many dogs are entered in the specified registration period. This means that you should plan on starting early and staying late at USDAA agility trials.

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