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The Spanish Water Dog Club of America (SWDCA) has a diverse membership, with members living through the United States and Canada, as well as through out the world in places such as England and Finland. The SWDCA is a great resource of information concerning Spanish Water Dogs (SWD) and a great place to meet people with similar canine interests. Whether you are involved in herding, water trials, agility, hunting, search and rescue or merely enjoy comraderie with other SWD owners, the SWDCA most likely has something for you. The SWDCA is expansive with room for the novice as well as the professional. As a matter of fact, the SWDCA has a mentorship program that can provide support in many different areas.

Many of our members have joined in order to immerse themselves in the breed prior to making their first SWD purchase. We hope you consider joining us and we look forward to getting to know you.

Click on the "Membership and renewal forms" option on the left navigation menu to apply for a new membership or renew your membership.

Questions? For more information on SWDCA membership, please contact Sarah Spinler at swdca.secretary@gmail.com.

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