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Membership Renewal Application

Thank you for your continued interest in the Spanish Water Dog Club of America, Inc. We hope you have enjoyed the benefits of membership that you have experienced over the last year. As you know, we are a group of committed owners and fanciers looking to promote, maintain, and further this wonderful breed. At this time, we ask that you renew your membership.

As a member, we value your insights and suggestions. If there are items that you would like to bring to the attention of the Board of Directors and have not yet done so, please feel free to include them in the space provided in this form.

As per the Club's bylaws, renewal period is between Dec. 1 and 31st. Please submit your renewal no later than December 31st. (All fields marked with an * are required.)

1. Please provide the following information.

First and Last Name*:


Additional First and Last Name (if Household Membership):



City*: State*: Zip*:

Phone*: Email*:

Please provide the following information about your dog(s):

Dog's Nickname

Kennel NameAgeTitle(s)Activities (herding, dock jumping, conformation, agility, rally, etc.)

2. Membership categories:

Individual Membership: One-person membership with full voting privileges. Applicant must be a US resident and over the age of 18.
Household Membership: Two-person membership with full voting privileges living within the same household. Applicants must be US residents and over the age of 18.
Foreign Membership: One-person membership without voting privileges. Applicant resides out of the USA and is over the age of 18.
Junior Membership: One-person membership without voting privileges. Applicant must be a US resident and under the age of 18.
Honorary Membership: An individual who has made significant contributions to the Sport, Breed or the Club; honorary members pay no dues and are not eligible to vote, but can maintain an individual or household membership if they pay dues.

3. Payment options* (Choose one):

a. Via PayPal (pay for your membership every year at renewal time), please select the type of membership you are applying for:

Individual: $35.00 USD
Household: $50.00 USD
Foreign: $30.00 USD
Junior: $20.00 USD
Honorary N/C

and once you click on "Submit Form Online" below, you will be able to pay via PayPal.

b. By check: once you fill out the form, click Submit Form Online, ignore the payment page that will open, and just mail your check, via the US Postal Service, to SWDCA Treasurer, c/o Nancy Valley, 308 Granite Rd., Guilford, CT 06437, USA.

4. Your SWDCA Club is always in need of volunteers for its committees. Would you be interested in volunteering in any of the following? (You can mark one or more.)

Health and Wellness
Breed Education
Code of Ethics
Specialty Planning
Mentorship Other (specify what your interest is):

5. Do you have skills or abilities that could help the Club in some way (e.g., website development, publishing, veterinarian expertise, training, grooming, etc.) and that you would like to share with us?

6. If you would like to bring insights or suggestions to the attention of the Board of Directors, please feel free to include them here.

7. From time to time, members ask for the contact information of another member(s) to be able to get in touch with them directly and off list. (Contact information provided to the member is not to be shared with any third parties.) Do you approve having the Corresponding Secretary or Treasurer of the SWDCA Board provide your contact information to another member, if requested?

If yes, what type of information can we provide (please select all that apply):

8. Do you give permission for your contact information to be published in a member directory only for distribution among members? The directory is to be used for Club business only and not for solicitation purposes by any member except by the express authorization of that(those) member(s).

9. Electronic communication notice*:

I/We hereby consent to the Spanish Water Dog Club of America, Inc., sending me/us electronic notifications of the annual Club meeting and any other special meetings as noted in the Club's bylaws; the annual Club meeting minutes; membership renewal and dues notices; and newsletters. By providing this authorization, which is revocable, I/we release the Club from any liability should the notification be received late or not received due to circumstances beyond the Club’s control.



Signature* and Date*:

Second Signature (if Household Membership):

10. Membership agreement:
I/We hereby submit my/our application for membership in the Spanish Water Dog Club of America, Inc. I/We, by my/our signature(s) agree to abide by the rules of the American Kennel Club and the Constitution, By-laws and Code of Ethics of the Spanish Water Dog Club of America, Inc.; promote the best interests of the Spanish Water Dog Club of America in accordance with these rules and by-laws; conscientiously place the good of the Spanish Water Dog and those dogs within my/our care above all other considerations. I/We further agree to become known to the Club at large through support of Club activities and events and through services rendered to the Club and to the Spanish Water Dog.

Signature* and Date*:

Signature (if Household Membership):

Please submit your information by clicking the Submit Form Online button below.


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